Bringing Premium Quality Coffee Brewing Accessories To You!
Bringing Premium Quality Coffee Brewing Accessories To You!

Pod Style Reusable Coffee Filter From ValueCafe®

Manufactured Exclusively for ValueCafe®

For Use in Keurig Coffee Brewers:

K10/B10 MINI Plus brewer, K40/K45/B40/B45 Elite brewers,

K60/K65/B60/B65 Special Edition & Signature brewers,

and K70/K75/B70/B75 Platinum brewers.



This style filter integrates the cup, basket and cap into a single piece, making it easier to clean. The black K-cup holder, where you insert the pre-filled K-Cups, is left in place, which means it is easier to switch between pre-filed K-Cups and your reusable filter.


Many people find this style more convenient. Do not overfill the basket.


For best results, use a coarser grind similar to a French press. Avoid a fine espresso grind setting, as that may clog the screen or result in poor extraction. Fine or espresso grinds, tea leaves, cocoa, and other powdered beverages are not recommended.



Pod Style Reusable Coffee Filter

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